SCIENCE OF THE ORIGIN was established on 3rd April 2014. I’ve been a trusted and provocative source of science news and features, covering research and developments from all scientific fields. My purpose has always been to bring you the best and latest information, while keeping it as simple as possible. I strive to make my articles accessible for everybody, regardless of their age, education and background, so that everyone can learn, stay informed, and develop as human beings


These are crucial times for everybody, and I feel that there are two important things that you can do to make a difference: stay informed and get involved. Guess what: you can do both these things – and I am here to help you. You can help me too! Email me your news or studies or even essays (if they’re related) through email address bellow; just think about something that really means a lot to you, and think that by sending it to me, you’ll be making sure it gets seen by hundreds of thousands of people





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